American Crow—photos and link

Although crows can make a wide variety of calls, you can hear the typical “songs” of American Crows here; scroll down to the “typical voice” section.

As noted in the master article, the insides of the mouths of nestling and fledgling American Crows are bright red and their eyes, blue.  You can see a lovely photo depicting these features here.

Also noted in the master article, crows have been observed dropping nuts onto a road, waiting for traffic to clear, and then gathering the smashed bounty.  You can see a short, delightful video of this behavior, narrated by David Attenborough, bym a species of crow in Japan here.

You can learn a lot more about this intelligent, interesting species and some of its close relatives from a recent episode of PBS’s Nature—available in its entirety for your viewing pleasure here.  Be prepared to be amazed!


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