In the Valley newsletters

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In the Valley, September, 2017

The photo; Common Raven

In the Valley, August, 2017

From the fire and floods to tornadoes and ticks; Greater Roadrunner

In the Valley, July, 2017

Finding a home; Painted Lady

In the Valley, June, 2017

Volunteers needed for wildfire recovery; Bewick’s Wren

In the Valley, May, 2017

Sharing the bounty of Mother’s Earth; Brown-headed Cowbird

In the Valley, April, 2017

Earth continued; Great-tailed Grackle

In the Valley, March, 2017

The Lariat Loop; Ring-necked Duck

In the Valley, February, 2017

More fire in our future?; Bufflehead

In the Valley, January, 2017

Another day; Killdeer

In the Valley, December, 2016

Old cabin revelations; the winter sky

In the Valley, November, 2016

Coaldale Alliance takes on Security Water District; Red-tailed Hawk

In the Valley,  October, 2016

Go slow; hares

In the Valley, September, 2016

Barnes City; Scrub-jay species split

In the Valley, August, 2016

A smoke-filled love story; wildlife and wildfire

In the Valley, July, 2016

Pet peeves of a summer curmudgeon; Rock Wren

In the Valley, June, 2016

Our nature; western soul; Ash-throated Flycatcher

In the Valley, May, 2016

Rocks in my head; modern troubadour; White-faced Ibis

In the Valley, April, 2016

Spring has sprung; water droplets; Abert’s squirrel

In the Valley, March, 2016

A day in the life of a miche; Heartstring Hunters; lagomorphs

In the Valley, February, 2016

At least I tried; Trumpeter Swan

In the Valley, January, 2016

Sink or swim—Our future relies on our water supply; Virginia Rail

In the Valley, December, 2015

The peace of the season—not for all; finding my way; gray fox

In the Valley, November, 2015

Trade-offs; Williamson’s Sapsucker

In the Valley, October, 2015

Right in our own backyard; a sense of community; Loggerhead Shrike

In the Valley, September, 2015

The power of the paw; ladies and gentlemen; water droplets; plateau fence lizard

In the Valley, July, 2015

The Schoolhouse Concert Series, Part II; water droplets; Western Tanager

In the Valley, June, 2015

Good food and good company; water droplets; Bullock’s Oriole

In the Valley, May, 2015

Furry fostering; water droplets; Indigo Bunting

In the Valley. April, 2015

Suantrai – An Irish lullaby; water droplets; Spotted Towhee

In the Valley, March, 2015

Stomping to the beat in Coaldale; spring is in the air; community announcement—Chris Powers’ family; in appreciation—Holcim Inc.; House Finch

In the Valley, February, 2015

On the road in Africa; Cassin’s Finch

In the Valley, January, 2015

The Canyon; Hairy Woodpecker

In the Valley, December, 2014

Staying in touch, sustainably; Belted Kingfisher

In the Valley, November, 2014

Two Coaldalians hit the Appalachian Trail; the Applachian Trail; a ghostly hummer

In the Valley, October, 2014

Personal best; Band-tailed Pigeon

In the Valley, September, 2014

Vote yes and pay nothing; migration

In the Valley, August, 2014

Time to get involved; moments of time—remembering Dave Shields; chipmunk

In the Valley, July, 2014

Water and life—a way of life in Western Fremont County; Osprey

In the Valley, June, 2014

Why sourdough?; American Kestrel

In the Valley, May, 2014

Message in a bottle; Turkey Vulture

In the Valley, April, 2014

April is here—Get busy!; Juniper Titmouse

In the Valley, March, 2014

In celebration of mud; Cooper’s Hawk

In the Valley, February. 2014

Stronger and better—the Pilates promise; Common Goldeneye

In the Valley, January, 2014

2013—The year of retirement; Rough-legged Hawk

In the Valley, December, 2013

Of peace on earth; Evening Grosbeak

In the Valley, November, 2013

Real food, real tasty; American Crow

In the Valley, October, 2013

A honey of  a business; Western Scrub-Jay

In the Valley, September, 2013

It takes a valley; Prairie Falcon

In the Valley, August, 2013

Our valley–through a child’s eyes; a tribute to Alvera Leitner; Red-naped Sapsucker

In the Valley, July, 2013

Hardscrabble highlights; Calliope Hummingbird; emergency wildfire contact information

In the Valley, June, 2013

Courage; Canada Goose

In the Valley, May, 2013

The Hardscabble is happening; American Dipper

In the Valley, April, 2013

Taming the brain and body through yoga; Red-winged Blackbird

In the Valley, March, 2013

Coaldale Post Office–still standing; Golden Eagle

In the Valley, February, 2013

Wedding night; Northern Saw-whet Owl

In the Valley, January, 2013

Welcoming 2013; Red-breasted Nuthatch

In the Valley, December, 2012

Moving forward; Wild Turkey

In the Valley, November, 2012

Road trip ramblings; Sandhill Crane

In the Valley, October, 2012

Building a dream; Pinyon Jay

In the Valley, September, 2012

What I didn’t say; Pine Siskin

In the Valley, August, 2012

Restoring community; Lesser Goldfinch

In the Valley, July, 2012

Long-eared love; Rufous Hummingbird

In the Valley, June, 2012

Vino in the valley; Common Nighthawk

In the Valley, May, 2012

How to change the world; Black-headed Grosbeak

In the Valley, April, 2012

Getting to know you; Red fox

In the Valley, March, 2012

The joy of work?; American Robin

In the Valley, February, 2012

Gift of friendship; Great Horned Owl

In the Valley, January, 2012

Another way of thinking; Bald Eagle

In the Valley, December, 2011

Soft and warm from the Outback; Common Raven

In the Valley, November, 2011

Raku with the Maverick Potter; Clark’s Nutcracker

In the Valley, October, 2011

Secret gardens; Steller’s Jay

In the Valley, September, 2011

Charcoal kilns; Pinyon Mice

In the Valley, August, 2011

A rural vet; Mourning Dove

In the Valley, July, 2011

Seeds of knowledge; Broad-tailed and Black-chinned Hummingbirds

In the Valley, June, 2011

The photograph; Cliff and Violet-green Swallows

In the Valley, May, 2011

A church without pews; Western Meadowlark

In the Valley, April, 2011

Coaldale Community Building; bluebirds of the west

In the Valley, March, 2011

Jennifer Dempsey, Manda Ellison, and the Salida Circus; White-breasted Nuthatch

In the Valley, February, 2011

Janet and Ken Klco and 50 miles of elbow room; Townsend’s Solitaire

In the Valley, January, 2011

Kristie Nackord and Spirit Horse Herbals; Dark-eyed Junco

In the Valley, December, 2010

Nancy Oswald and telling stories; Mountain and Black-capped Chickadees

In the Valley, November, 2010

Linda Batt, Rus Hinman, and Delphi Alpacas; Black-billed Magpie

In the Valley, October, 2010

A talk with a neighbor; Northern Flicker


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